Barefoot Sailing Adventur-ers

Hey there sailors, there are a few things we’d like you to remember while out here visiting our special place ????

    Your safety is very important to us, the skipper will have given you a safety briefing on arrival.Please act with uour own safety in mind at all times. Take care whilst visiting the islands, activities are not guided.

    Please dispose of rubbish responsibly. We have recycling bins available. Do not throw food scraps, the animals have plenty of food they don’t need ours.

   Smoking is not permitted on board the vessel. If you wish to smoke on the island, please do not leave butts behind, you can dispose of them in rubbish on board the vessel.

     If you encounter wildlife, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.  Please do not touch, feed, or provoke wildlife. Give them as much space as they need to feel safe.  Noise or excitement will scare them away so be still and quiet!  ENJOY!


Take only photographs, leave only footprints…