Join the Island Hopper Cruise for a day sailing adventure you will never forget!

Come join the Barefoot Sailing crew for a magical day sailing around the Bay of Islands. Trips depart daily from the Paihia beachfront, cruising amongst our beautiful marine playground aboard Kopiko. Our 33ft performance catamaran is built for speed and she gets you where you want to go in comfort and style! There’s lots of deck space to spread out and relax, so grab a bean bag and chalk up some leisure time.



All aboard!

Departing from Paihia beachfront  at 10am. The boat pulls right up to the beach where you can step aboard from the shore line. We set sail for our day’s adventure – wherever that may take us! With 144 islands, we really are spoilt for choice as to spectacular destinations for our day sailing adventures, we have our favourite spots of course! Either Urupukapuka, Motuarahia, Moturua, Waewaetoria to name a few.


You will find us at Paihia beach. The boat pulls right up to the shore.


Kick your shoes off and step aboard.


   Passenger-relaxing-on-a-bean-bag-while-day-sailing-to-an-island-on-catamaran-day-sailing-charter     Three-friends-sitting-on-trampoline-deck-of-catamaran-eating-watermelon-on-day-sailing-charter      lady-wearing-sailor-stripes-enjoying-a-cup-of-tea-while-on-day-sailing-charter-catamaran-wind-blowing-hair

Island adventures

There’s nothing better than exploring a remote island after sailing into a beautiful bay – it’s all part of the adventure!

The boat anchors right up close to the beach where you can step off and enjoy a delicious packed lunch at a stunning picnic spot of your choice. There are short walking tails which can you can follow to find picturesque views wherever you look, soak up the sounds of the bird song. Also enjoy a refreshing swim or simply dig your toes into the sand and relax – the choice is yours!

 people-on-beach-having-picnic-while-on-day-sailing-charter-catamaran-anchored-at-beach-blue-sky-turquoise-water-white-sand     Barefoot-crew-playing-frizbee-on-the-beach-catamaran-in-back-ground-day-sailing-charters      Couple-holding-hands-walking-in-the-clear-waters-of-the-shore-at-Waewaetoriea-Island-catamaran-on-beach-in-back-ground-Barefoot-Sailing-Adventures-day-sailing-charters

 Beachcombers will also get the chance to explore the

 rock pools – you never know what you’re going to find!

 Ladies-walking-on-bush-track-looking-for-birds-with-Barefoot-Sailing-Adventures-day-sailing-charters      Family-looking-out-from-view-point-across-to-an-island-on-a-day-sailing-charter-with-Barefoot-Sailing-Adventures      Man-and-lady-snorkeling-in-clear-sea-water-while-on-day-sailing-charter


Spot the wildlife!

There’s a wealth of wildlife to see when sailing in the Bay of Islands. You never know which of our animal friends will appear next! From the deck of Kopiko you may get the chance to see a range of seabirds, stingrays, seals playing and penguins are often popping up. Of course, there’s a chance that you might see some dolphins too!


Homeward bound

Once we’ve finished our island adventures we set sail again, making the most of your beautiful sea breezes on the home run.  So watch the wind fill the sails, kick back, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility – a perfect end to our Day Sailing adventures.

The Barefoot Crew offer you a great opportunity to experience day sailing at its best, in a world-renowned sailing destination. So grab some friends, bring the family or simply take some time out for yourself. Come enjoy a day of sun kissed skin, windswept hair, and salty smiles!



 To find out more about our day sailing trips, contact the friendly team at Barefoot Sailing Adventures today!


Aerial-view-of-Army-Bay-looking-out-to-Pacific-Ocean-catamaran-anchored-at-beach-turquoise-waters-day-sailing-charters         Aerial-view-looking-over-the-bush-to-the-turquoise-waters-at-Army-Bay-catamaran-at-beach-on-day-sailing-charter          Aerial-view-of-scenic-Moturua-Island-looking-through-a-crevasse-in-rocks-with Barefoot-Sailing-Adventures-day-sailing