The-Blue-Flag-environmental-award  THE BLUE FLAG AWARD

Barefoot Sailing Adventures is the first Tourism Operator in New Zealand to obtain the Blue Flag award for Sustainable Boating Tourism Operator.

The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco – label awarded to sustainable boating tourism operators that make a special effort to protect the environment. To attain the Blue Flag, the tour operator must fulfill a number of criteria covering:

  • Environmental Education and Information
  • Environmental Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Safety Services
  • Additional Special Criteria for different Boating Tourism Operators

By choosing a Blue Flag awarded tour operator you contribute to the sustainable use of marine and freshwater environments, and encourage the wider tourism sector to put more efforts into minimising the negative effects recreation can have on the environment.

For the coastal environment, water quality, safety and access for all: the award represents a serious and profound commitment to both people and the environment.


The Blue Flag is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a non-governmental environmental organisation, and is represented by national organisations in each of the participating countries.

The Blue Flag is an environmental award for Beaches, Marina’s and Boating Tourism Operators.

The criteria for the Programme are developed over time, such that participating tour operators must continually work to solve relevant environmental problems to attain the Blue Flag. Blue Flag accreditation is only given for one year at a time, and the award is only valid as long as the criteria are fulfilled. When this is not the case, the responsible persons at the local level are obligated to take the Blue Flag down.

The national FEE organisation as well as the international FEE head office checks the Blue Flag sites and Sustainable Blue Flag sites during the season by conducting both announced and un-announced audits.

You can also help the Program by taking actions to protect the environment:

Use litter bins provided and recycle waste where possible.

Use public transport, walk or rent a bike to get to your destination, if possible.

Enjoy nature and treat it with respect.

A world-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe


We work hard…

to be the leading programme promoting sound environmental education and sustainable management of beaches, marinas and eco-tourism boats worldwide.

Our mission is to…

  • promote and participate in environmental education programmes for the users of beaches, marinas and eco-tourism boats.
  • implement sound safety and environmental management systems
  • monitor environmental conditions to reduce the impact of human activity at the beaches, marinas and eco-tourism boats.
  • commit to partnerships and collaborative action to promote the sustainable development of tourism.

Below are the names and addresses of the National and International Blue Flag contacts. You are welcome to contact us to give us feedback about your experience on this Blue Flag awarded tourism operator. By doing so, you can help to ensure that Blue Flag remains an award of excellence.


77 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki,  AUCKLAND.   PO Box 58932, Botany, Auckland, 2163


Scandigade 13, 2450 Copenhagen SV, DENMARK