Welcome to the Bay of Islands, what we like to call ‘Our Special Place’

We absolutely love it here, really we have to pinch ourselves some days. This beautiful part of New Zealand is so unique and we are very passionate about protecting and preserving our special place for everyone to enjoy.

The Bay of Islands is an environmentally sensitive area, home to a magnitude of life on land and at sea. As a tourism operator it is our responsibility to take a careful and considerate approach in how we operate, we like to leave a “Barefoot” footprint as light as possible.  After all we are here because we love our natural environment and are so fortunate to be able to share it with others, we are working hard to make small but significant changes for the long term sustainability of tourism in the Bay of Islands.

“We are here only for a short time, but what we do in our every day lives make a significant and long lasting impact on our environment”

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PROJECT ISLAND SONG – Building a wildlife sanctary. The seven main islands in the eastern Bay of Islands have been pest mammal free since 2009, and the natural eco-systems are being restored. 


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EMR COMMUNITY GUIDED SNORKEL DAYS – Barefoot Sailing Adventures works alongside Experiencing Marine Reserves to promote community awareness about marine conservation in New Zealand.